Member Directory



Pierre-Antoine Fabre, Pr., École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Religious Anthropology

Dominic Hardy, Prof., Université du Québec à Montréal, Art History

Ellen McClure, Prof., University of Illinois at Chicago, French and Francophone Studies


Emma Anderson, Prof., University of Ottawa, History

Corine Bayerl, Dr., University of Oregon, Literature
Port-Royal ; translation ; history of pedagogy

Marie-Caroline Bustarret, Dr., Christus, Theology
Marie de l’Incarnation ; mystic ; feminine spirituality

Muriel Clair, Dr., University of Saint-Boniface, Anthropology
Jesuit missions in New France ; Metis in Canada
CAHSA co-founder

Sébastien Côté, Prof., Carleton University, Literature
Written heritage of New France ; history of literature ; imaginary of the Americas

Mairi Cowan, Prof., University of Toronto, History
New-France ; social history ; demonic possession

Éric Debacq, Ph.D. student, University of Montreal, French Language and Literature
Jesuits ; Travel literature ; Devotional literature

Lucie Desjardins, Prof., Université du Québec à Montréal, Literature

Dominique Deslandres, Prof., University of Montreal, History

Helen Dewar, Prof., Université de Montréal, Histoire

Fannie Dionne, Ph.D., McGill University, History
Jesuits, New France, Wendat

Emmanuelle Friant, Dr., University of Montreal, History
Devotional objects ; body, senses and affects ; identity 
CAHSA co-founder

Claire Garnier, Dr., History
Hospitals ; history of the body ; gender studies
CAHSA co-founder

Ariane Généreux, Ph. D. student, University of Montreal, History
Visions ; history of spirituality ; images
CAHSA co-founder

Patrick Goujon, S.J., Prof., Centre Sèvres, Jesuit Faculties, and EHESS, Theology

Suzanne Gousse, Ph.D. student, University of Montreal, History
History of Montreal ; women’s history ; history of commerce

Allan Greer, Prof., McGill University, History

Yann Lignereux, Prof., Université de Nantes, History

Jean-François Lozier, Prof., University of Ottawa and Canadian Museum of History, History

Stéphan Martel, Dr., Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum

Andreas Motsch, Prof., University of Toronto, Literature

Joy Palacios, Pr., University of Calgary, Religious Studies
Performance ; liturgy ; seminaries
CAHSA co-founder

Stephanie Pettigrew, Ph.D. student, University of New-Brunswick, History
Witchcraft ; magic ; Montreal

Marie-Christine Pioffet, Prof., York University, Literature

Anne Régent-Susini, Prof., Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, Litterature
Jesuits ; Predication : Historiography

Richard Reinhardt, Ph.D. candidate, Interdepartmental Program in Anthropology and History, University of Michigan
Conversion ; Franciscanism : Psychoanalysis

Lisa Richmond, Wheaton College (prof.) and Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 (Ph.D. student), History.
17th-Century spirituality, France and New France.

Marion Robinaud, Dr., École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Anthropology
Women Missionaries ; Canada ; First Nations

Anna Rosensweig, prof., University of Rochester, Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
Early modern French literature and culture ; performance studies ; political theory and history of religion

Theresa Rowat, The Archives of the Jesuits in Canada, director

Adina Ruiu, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and University of Montreal, History
CAHSA co-founder

Dorothea Scholl, Prof., Kiel University, Literature
Spirituality of the cross ; spirituality and otherness ; spiritual exchange France/New-France

Deborah Steinberger, Prof., University of Delaware, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Theatre ; Journalism : Writing by women

Suzanne Toczyski, prof., Sonoma State University, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
St. François de Sales ; Salesian spirituality ; representation of women

Arnaud Wydler, Ph. D. candidate., University of Freidburg
Catholic Predication ; Elite Spirituality ; Sermon and Politics